About Us

About Us

Education and Spirituality as a Catalyst for Change

Alves Foundation, envisioned our founder André Alves, is deeply rooted in the belief that both education and spirituality are essential in overcoming homelessness and building a supportive community. In Polk County, we recognize the gap in not just educational resources, but also in spiritual fulfillment and personal growth opportunities for individuals facing life’s challenges.

Our Core Programs:

The STEM Lab remains a beacon of innovation, bridging educational gaps in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for learners of all ages. However, our commitment extends beyond academia; we embrace spirituality through our Fellowship Heaven program. This initiative offers transformative Ayahuasca ceremonies and spiritual growth sessions, fostering a community of healing, empowerment, and resilience.

Inclusive Education for All Ages:

Understanding life’s journey encompasses more than academic learning, we offer evening classes for adults seeking to advance their skills and career opportunities. These offerings, coupled with our spiritual programs, create a comprehensive platform for personal and professional development.

Building a Community of Learners and Leaders:

We see each participant – child, parent, or community member – as an integral part of our mission against homelessness. Our programs nurture not only future leaders but also compassionate individuals committed to making a difference. For those transitioning from foster care, the Alves Foundation offers more than education; it provides a family that supports their holistic success in life.

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Our mission

Empower those who need help, break the cycle of homelessness.

Our vision

To create an empowered, resilient community where education triumphs over homelessness, fostering leaders and innovators for a brighter future.


Our values center on compassion, empowerment, and innovation, guiding our commitment to transforming lives through education and community support.

Our Sponsors

What can our community to expect from Alves Foundation?

Support through higher education or trade school.

We offer support to anyone looking to better themselves pursuing higher education or learning a trade.

Language Classes

Online English and Portuguese classes available to our community in partnership with Luis English.

Throughout the year celebrations and confraternizations


The Big Brother-Little Brother Program empowers kids who had a rough start to seek for a better and brigther future.

CAD classes

We offer comprehensive CAD (Computer-Aided Design) training to all interested community members, opening doors to the world of digital design and engineering.

Business & Sales Coaching

Discover the most effective sales strategies from master businessmen who built their success from the ground up.

Spiritual Healing

Unveil the path to profound personal growth and communal harmony, guided by the principles of the Santo Daime which are compassion, understanding, and shared human experience.

Resume Building

Applying for a new job? We can help you design the perfect resume and cover letter for this position.

Job Placement

Local businesses trust us to find and vet good talent among our members for positions they have opened.